Hi, I hope all is well with you.

In April God spoke to me about doing something every month like a study. He wants me to pick a topic each month to study on (a topic each month I can really study more on, rather than just reading or talking about it). For example, in that month I studied “The fruits of the Holy Spirit”. This gave me a chance to view each fruit under a microscopic eye. These fruits are growing in my life every day, although they get tested, I stumble and get up. I am more aware of it with the help of the Holy Spirit. I am maturing.

Wait a minute, I didn’t tell you how this came about. Ok let me give you a quick rundown.

Right ok, In March (Easter) I saw the “Bible series” thing on TV (really good-go watch it if you haven’t), this inspired a lot of things I want to do or believe I should be doing for God. It is not only good for young believers but even good for the older ones too. I remember watching it with my dad (And he’s a Pastor), he loved it.

Apart from this, it taught me so many things I didn’t know about the Bible which got me more excited to learn about this amazing God through the stories in the Bible.

The final episode of the bible series broke me down, when I say broke me down, I mean I was literally on the floor crying. That episode explained the disciples’ life after the death of Christ, their mission which is to take the Good news of our Lord to anywhere and everywhere. The episode gave a glimpse of what the disciples had to endure and go through in other to let people know about Jesus Christ. They allowed God to completely use them, they didn’t care about death. They just wanted to spread this Good news. No fear of PERSECUTION.

This reminds me of Stephen; he was so young yet didn’t give (a flipping monkey) about death. He told those people about Jesus: the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. He got stoned and died. Wow!

We so call “Christians” of this generation are not prepared to be used by God even if it means we lose our lives.

Enough of using God, Let Him use you from now on like He did with the disciples.


I notice before the disciples could start their ministries; Jesus had to touch each and every one of them. He had to anoint them; He had to fill them up with the Holy Ghost. They started to speak in tongues; He gave them power, strength, determination, endurance, discipline, hope, faith…and so much more.

You see, I haven’t received the gift of speaking in tongues yet, so I ask God after watching that episode. Can you believe the reply He gave me? He said, Dami you say you want to speak in tongues but my love, do you really want this gift or you want to show off with it. Do you want this gift just for people to see you are filled with the Holy Spirit? Dami go back to Galatians 5:22 study all the fruits of the Holy Spirit for a month and come back to me.


Let me just tell ya, there is more to just speaking in tongues my friend! LOL

Now you know where the study for every month evolved from.

In May, I asked God what He wanted me to study, He replied Faith. Me being Dami, I was reluctant at first. “Seriously God, is this a joke? I don’t need to learn anything about faith now, I already know a lot about faith”. Little did I know what God wanted me to learn!

Here is my testimony on Faith. Completely beyond what I had thought

Click here to read:


Just be obedient to God when He speaks to you. Listen and Do what He is asking of you. Pay attention to what your spirit man needs, SHUT DOWN what your physical body wants.

This month I am studying Discipline. I don’t know what God wants me to learn about this yet, but I am willing to learn. Moreover, I know both my physical and spiritual body needs discipline. I am sure God has a bigger plan for this study; it will surely unveil itself as time goes on.

I encourage you to start focusing on the things God is speaking to you about. Study, meditate over it and pray.

I am doing this every month now, although I don’t know what to study next month, but I believe God will tell me. He has been telling me for the past few months so I am rest assured that if you ask Him, He will tell you too.

If you want, you can also study about Discipline this month with me but I will advise you to talk to God first before you start.

I am covering all areas of Discipline, as the Spirit directs really. BUT Spiritual Discipline is my main focus.


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Email me at Damielegbede@gmail.com if you have any question, I’ll absolutely love to hear from you.

Love you,
Dami Elegbede

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  1. I enjoyed reading this!
    God bless you Dami, I will email you cos I want to ask some few question.

    Love you too x

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