Darling I know it’s hard…but I promise you all HOPE is not lost.
I pray this helps you like it is helping me.

Go to Hebrews 11(NLT)
Update yourself on What Faith is in verse 1
Then go right on and check out those who felt just the way you are feeling right now.


Abel’s offering in verse 4
Enoch’s faith in verse 5
Verse 6; It is impossible to please God without faith.
Noah’s faith in verse 7
Abraham’s faith in verse 8-10
Sarah’s faith in verse 11…she believed that God will keep His promise.

These people died believing that God will surely do it. Please remember to “Live by faith and not by sight” verse 13-16
Abraham’s faith with Isaac in Verse 17-19…This man was a wise man! This is so necessary- “Faith and action (acting it out)”
Isaac’s faith on blessing his sons in verse 20
Jacob’s faith in verse 21
Joseph’s faith in verse 22
Moses’s parents faith regarding Moses in verse 23
Moses’s faith in verse 24-28
People of Israel’s faith in verse 29-30
Rahab’s faith in verse 31
Other great ones in verse32-34
34; …Their weakness was turned to strength.


Yet All these people apparently didn’t receive ALL the promises God had for them but still kept believing -verse 39

One more thing in verse 40 it says because of you, all these people did not reach perfection.
Yes that’s right, they didn’t- They are waiting for you.

Yes even in your current situation God has something way better in mind for you.

Be Restored!

Love always,
Dami Elegbede

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