Happy New Year everyone!!

I have to say, I am really sorry for not posting for the past few months. Please accept my sincere apologies, I have been very busy but nevertheless it’s not an excuse.

Thank God for a New Year, it encourages a new start so I promise to post more often this year by God’s grace.

Anyway…I pray you are all well and experiencing the blessings of 2014. I am experiencing it already too and it’s only the 2nd day!

Last year, 2013 taught me so much. God dealt with every part of my life. He promised me it was a year of completion and I can honestly say He was indeed a God of Completion but the Key thing I want you all to remember is when God says a Word, He will surely make it happen no matter how hard it might be or how little your faith might be. He is ready to move mountains because of you. You just need to Believe and have Faith that God is able to do ALL things.

You know what, God has a way of blowing minds out of this world and I can testify to that in 2013, so don’t let go of His Word this year 2014.

I pray this year, 2014 you will experience the Overflowing blessings of God and I pray you will seek and pursue the presence of God daily.

Now let’s talk about what I intended to tell you today. It has been on my mind to encourage someone who may have backslid-ed  for whatsoever reason in 2013 and need to know if God can still love them in this new year.

As you all know this New Year brings a lot of people to God as they are looking for a fresh start. One of the conversations between us and God goes like this “Oh God I need to know if You still love me for I am a sinner. I want a new start this 2014″.

New Year Resolutions, so cliche right?

Well, the good news is this, Yes God still loves you, He never stopped loving you even when you did not listen to His gentle still voice talking to you, when you decided to depend on your own understanding, when you did not let go of that relationship He told you to, when you wronged your neighbour, when you watched that porn, when you lied, when you stole, when you gossip, when you didn’t pray etc. and most of all when you did not love God.

1 John 4:9-10 states “God showed how much He loved us by sending His one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through Him. This is real love-not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His son as a sacrifice to take away our sins”

I absolutely love this bible verse,  it is the TRUTH!

God knew you would be here today, At this moment, this minute, this second, reading this while the thought going through your head is “Can this be true?”.

He knows you seriously want to know if He can take you back. He knew you will be here because you are like Thomas; doubting- you want Him to show you signs before you truly believe you are forgiven. This is why you are here today reading this, Yes He just gave you the sign you want. All you need now is to BELIEVE.

Believe He is able to forgive you of all your sins in 2013.

Go on and read Micah 7:18-20, can you see that nothing can separate you from God’s love. His unfailing love, mercy and passion for you are unrelenting. The depth of His love for you is never ending. It’s an Unstoppable love. Your sins have been trampled under His feet. Yes, He can’t stay angry at you because He loves you so much; this is why you are seeking Him. Don’t you know He put the heaviness and hunger in your heart? He wants you too.

I want you to say this prayer with me. “Today, O God, I believe You still love me in spite of my sins. Forgive me, I want a fresh start with You, pray for me like You prayed for Peter. I seek Your presence in my life, come in and show me Your Unfailing Love” Amen.

I want you to start living, be free and enjoy the immense love of God, knowing that no mind games of the enemy, the devil can stop the Love God has for you.

“Jesus loves you, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” And that is the greatest Truth.


God’s love is an Everlasting love.

Don’t you know this year is different. It is like no other past years.

For further reading: Look at John 15:9, Ephesians 2:4-5, Ephesians 2:8 &10, 1 Chronicles 16:34.

The Word of God for 2014: To pursue His Presence Daily.

The one thing I ask of the Lord—the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,

delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in his Temple. Psalm 27:4 NLT

I will dwell in the presence of the Lord daily. Psalm 23:6b

Overflow with God’s blessings this year.

I love you,

Dami Elegbede

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