“Three things will last forever; Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is LOVE.

1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT

In First corinthians chapter thirteen verse thirteen, Apostle paul said these words to the Christians in Corinth who were actually struggling with their environment, with what their society were doing. They were surrouded by this overwhelming hatred, disunity, no love and every conceivable sin on earth.

Does this sound familar to you?

 Everywhere I look today I see no compassion, no love, no passion for the things that breaks my God’s heart. Especially we so called Christians, we’ve forgotten what LOVE really is, what True LOVE looks like. We have forgotten what we were meant to be doing as Christian, and that is  To Love God, and Love People

In those days of Apostle Paul, Love had become a mixed-up term with little meaning for the Corinths’. As it is now today, we are still confused about Love too.

Can I just say this, Today’s Love we often profess is actually Lust!

But wait a minute, I am not condemning no one, but what I am saying is why don’t we use this so call “Valentine’s month” to challenge ourselves as Christians to put Extra effort in Loving God and people. Valentine’s day is a day of showing affection to someone you Love.  As Christians we can use this for God’s purpose.

I just want to encourage you to join me as I challenge myself personally as someone who is seeking to please my God relentlessly everyday of my life. I know my heart is far from being perfect and that’s why I want to Love Him more than I’ve ever done, I want to show His Love to people around me, my community, my environment, my dying generation, I want to show God’s Love to the unlovable ones – those difficult people in my life.

Let us rise up in LOVE

Let us go and change the world around us today!



Join me as I challenge myself this month and beyond… To Love God more, to show our generation that we are the light, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the helpless, Pray for our generation and tell our friends about Jesus Christ- yes! that too is showing Love. Go out of your way to help people.

#LoveChallenge #LoveChallenge #LoveChallenge #LoveChallenge #LoveChallenge

John chapter four verse eight, tells us “Love is the greatest of all human qualities and is an attribute of God Himself”

Follow my Twiter page: @thegoodsoil  and @MsNeesee for encouraging Words of God daily while you challenge yourself to Love God and people. Actually you can also hashtag #LoveChallenge, although many people will be doing this. it is a good thing as we can learn from each other.

Thinking about how to start with this challenge?

Well, as for me, I am going back to the basics- I will be looking at What Love is from what the scriptures says and Why God is love…How to Love God and how to show genuine Love to people.

With the knowledge and help of the Holy Spirit, you will be free to Love completely as you learn to understand how God loves.

I will be using these particular daily readings on YouVersion.

Falling In Love Again With Your Lord


Learning To Love

The Gift of God’s Love

What is Love


Remember in John chapter three verse sixteen “For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life”

See, God had to show His Love by giving us Jesus- He gave His one and only Son




Email me: Damielegbede@gmail.com

God bless you.

I love you so much more.

Dami Elegbede.

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