Isaiah 53:1 VOICE

Indeed, who would ever believe it? Who would possibly accept what we’ve been told?

It is hard to understand why God would crush His innocent Servant. But it is in His suffering for sin that God deals decisively with sin and its harmful effects.
Please read Isaiah 53 here
Isaiah 53 brings a new meaning, a new perspective to why Jesus had to die for us. Jesus exposed Himself, He laid bare His soul to the vicious grasping of death for you…
Help me believe Jesus! I want to believe.
Jesus understood what it’s about, He really understood that He had to die to justify countless others including me by taking on our punishment and bearing it away! Still He paid the price.
But why? I don’t understand Jesus, make me understand…
Help me believe, I want to believe…
God planned to crush Him all along, to bring Him grief, this innocent servant of God. He puts His life in sin’s dark place, in the pit of wrongdoing for you and I. Jesus died and was buried with disgrace of a borrowed space, even though He did no wrong by word or deed.
Help Me believe…Jesus, Son of God!
He was oppressed and condemned, He was taken away from His generation and no one was there to complain? No one was there to cry, Foul? Stop this? He is innocent?!!! WHY? But why?
Smacked and struck, wounded and despised, disgraced and disregarded.
He was hurt because of me? My wrongdoings wounded and crushed Him?
I believe in You…I believe in You Jesus. I believe You died for me.
It’s true You endured the breaking that made me whole. The injuries You suffered became my healing. It was the love You displayed that saved my wandering soul, I was like a shepherdless sheep, scattered by my aimless striving and endless pursuits. You saved me because You took the fall and You thought of me.
I believe in You Jesus!
Thank You for the ultimate price You paid. Thank You for saving me from my rebellious ways, I was sinking never to rise no more BUT Your love lifted me and Your blood made me whole.
Who is seriously like You?
Who is seriously like You Jesus.
You broke the chain of death, You took the fear of death away for my sake and countless of others. You broke the eternal condemnation for my sake and gave me life, and not just life, You gave me life in abundant. You saved my dying soul.
I will tell the world, yes I will let them know what You did for me.
I believe, Yes I believe You died and rose from the grave.
Thank You my Good Shepherd.

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