“We love because He first loved us”

1 John 4:19

I was having a normal chat with my brother sometime last year or so. I can’t really remember exactly what we were talking about but the usual conversation between siblings I guess. As we talked he asked…

Dami, why do you bring God to everything?

At first I was surprised he had asked me such a question, what a weird question right?  I smiled… looked intently into his eyes as I replied, “why shouldn’t I?” 

He rolled his eyes and smiled… “Dami, you don’t have to bring God to every thing you know”, he said. I replied, “but why not” 

This is interesting I thought to myself, as he tries to give me a “reasonable” answer to my question.

I smiled and said to him, Jesus is my life and I am simply in love…

When you love someone, you talk about them all the time, don’t you? You basically live and plan your life around them. Same goes with me bro, I live my life only for Jesus, I live only for Him so why can’t I talk about Him all the time. That would make sense, don’t you think?. Why can’t I bring my passion into every thing. I love Him, He is my passion, don’t you get it! He is the love of my life. Moreover, If I don’t involve Him in my “normal conversation” as you say, I am sure to say something out of line.  In fact, I need to bring Christ in on not only my conversation, but also in my relationships, my thoughts, my actions, my job, my plan, my aspirations…you get the gist. I have to bring Christ in on every aspect of my life. I have to involve Him at every moment of my life, awake or asleep.

He healed me! He saved me! He takes care of me and He has been so good to me. And I love Him like crazy!

“…you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37

This is why I bring Jesus Christ to everything…I am simply in love with LOVE.


As a believer, if you “claim” to love Jesus, how come your friends and family do not hear you talk about Him so often?

What would Christ do should always be on your mind at all times. The manner in which you speak should be inspired by Christ.

Lovers do things to please their love.

Let your conversation and not just that but your life make Him known to all.

I’ll say bring Christ to EVERYTHING and let’s all be a bunch of Jesus Freaks!


I love you,

Dami xo

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