Glory To The Lamb:

Easter Series

All the glory must be to the Lord

Only He is worthy of all our praise

No one on earth should give glory to himself

For all the glory must be to the Lord

-Evie Karlsson

Be attentive and sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Bible Passage: Acts 12:20-24 (The Message)

Before you read, I want you to sit in stillness and ask your heavenly Father to tell you important words that you need to hear today. Tell Him you are open to correction, forgiveness and love. Now read the Bible passage.

“But things went from bad to worse for Herod. Now people from Tyre and Sidon put him on the warpath. But they got Blastus, King Herod’s right-hand man, to put in a good word for them and got a delegation together to iron things out. Because they were dependent on Judea for food supplies, they couldn’t afford to let this go on too long. On the day set for their meeting, Herod, robed in pomposity, took his place on the throne and regaled them with a lot of hot air. The people played their part to the hilt and shouted flatteries: “The voice of God! The voice of God!”

“That was the last straw. God had had enough of Herod’s arrogance and sent an angel to strike him down. Herod had given God no credit for anything. Down he went. Rotten to the core, a maggoty old man if there ever was one, he died.”

Meanwhile, the ministry of God’s Word grew by leaps and bounds.

In this passage focus on this sentence – “Herod had given God no credit for anything.”

What are your thoughts? What are you feeling after reading those words?

Read the passage again, sit in stillness, in the silence and ponder on what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.

As you meditate on these words, recognize areas where you have taken all the praise and glory away from God, especially during this Easter season.

You have not chosen yourself, God gave up His Only Son so He can use you, you are just an instrument, He is your Maker!

Stop glorifying yourself or let anyone, your salvation was bought with a price, and all the glory must go to Him who paid that price.

Stop taking credit for your Life

Stop taking credit for your Salvation

Stop taking credit for your Blessings

Stop taking credit for your Miracles

Stop taking credit for your Healing

Stop taking credit for your Gifts

Stop taking credit for your Achievements

Stop taking credit for your Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Meekness, Self-control


It’s NOT about you, It is all about HIM who died for you.

Pray: Despite the fact that You sent Jesus to the cross carrying my burdens, it’s easy for me to take credit for it. I’m sorry. God I give You ALL the glory, You deserve more, take Your rightful place in my life, today and forever more. Amen

Join me again tomorrow as we look at the Blood of Jesus as part of the Easter series.

I’m compelled by love,

Love, Dami E

This original appeared first on the Daily Seed on 17th April 2014

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