So, What’s Next?

Easter series

Oh oh oh oh Jesus,
Alive in me

Happy Easter Monday!

Bible Text: Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus died and rose again, so what’s next?…

Has the past few days stirred up something in you?

Are you experiencing something different, different from past Easters?

Is your heart beating again?

…thump thump thump thump thump

Do you feel overwhelmed… overwhelmed with love and passion? (oh don’t worry, its absolutely fine to feel this way)

 That’s Jesus, He’s always doing that to His people. LOL!

But you don’t know what to think or how to act. Nothing like this has never happened to you before?

But at the same time you feel like shouting on the rooftop…telling anyone and everyone about this relentless love you feel.

How crazy the love of God is, You want to share the mystery of what Jesus did. You want to fight for LOVE?

I’m with you on that one!

So…Can we do something about this feelings?


Absolutely yes! I’m with you!

Let’s do something amazing,

Let’s start  a movement…Yes a movement!

The Great Commission

Let’s go start fishing; sharing the Grace and Love without measures..

Let us win at least ONE soul for Christ this year!

Yes One soul! Let’s start a movement , let’s start this great commission.


Unsure where to start? Feeling anxious?

Don’t fret, you are not alone.

Can you say this prayer with me

Lord, I feel so overwhelmed by Your love, I don’t want it to end here. I want to tell everyone about it. Help me, give me courage and strength. Let me know You are near me, that You are for me and You will personally be with me as I  share Your love with the broken and the lost, Amen.

#OneSoulMovement #TheGreatCommission

You can start in Jerusalem (your city) , yes, right there at your door step.

This is what the Scriptures said: that the promised Anointed One should suffer and rise from the dead on the third day,  that in His name a radical change of thought and life should be preached, and that in His name the forgiveness of sins should be preached, beginning in Jerusalem and extending to all nations. Luke 24:46-47

Your Jerusalem is your city, your street, your workplace etc.

Tell your friends, neighbours about the love, peace and joy you feel.

† = 

Let’s make it home together.

Share the love of God, share His love that’s brighter than the sun

Tell them about the love that fills your heart, the love that’s so Amazing, a love like no other.

Share the Good News, tell them God showed how much He loves us by sending His One and Only Son into the world so that we might have no shame, no guilt BUT instead have eternal life through Him with no shame nor guilt. 1 John 4:9

My brothers, my sisters we have work to do.

Let’s start fishing for a soul.

Let’s go fishing for that #OneSoul #SpreadTheWord

I love you all with the crazy love of our God

Your Sister in Christ,

Dami xo


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