Emotional Wounds
God asks His people, ‘Why do you cry out over your wound, your pain that has no cure?’ Then He answers, ‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds’ Jeremiah 30:15 NLT
If there’s anything more insidious than the rage, frustration and other negative things that come out of us and wreck our relationships, it’s the inner source from which they originate.
Emotional wounds from the past are pretty similar to physical wounds. They heal and then scar over. They leave a mark, but they never hurt again. Except that if you don’t treat them properly they’ll just keep on causing problems. They might re-open, or even get worse.
Festering wounds from past relationships are dangerous wounds. You say, ‘But you don’t know how badly this person hurt me’.
The point is they’re still hurting you, so how can you cleanse and heal the wound?
God’s way is to tell it like it is! He doesn’t put a bandage on an infected wound – He demands that the problem is dealt with.
We need to understand that He’s willing to repair the broken places in our lives; all He requires of us is to expose where those places are. Only Jesus can walk us through the barrier of time and into our wounded past.
Certainly one of the most important steps to healing is to forgive from the heart – to acknowledge the wound and the anger, and then let it go. And it can be tough to do, but there can be no freedom or healing without forgiveness.
Bitterness will eat you alive if you don’t forgive. It’ll wreak havoc on your present-day relationships.
God will give you the grace to forgive and let it go, but you must make the choice to be cleansed of resentment by forgiving the offender. There is no other way to peace and freedom.

Healing and letting go of your past takes effort and a willingness to be uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely worth it. Every time you resolve one of these issues, it’s like letting go of a suitcase full of rocks.