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1 – 7th

Shadow of the Past

So think of it this way: if the Son comes to make you free, you will really be free.

John 8:36 VOICE

Stop looking back. You can’t move forward if all you do is but dwell on the hurt, pain or mistakes and sins of the past. You can’t keep your eyes on the rear mirror while driving and expect not to crash.

Jesus, your Redeemer has set you free from all guilt and shame. You have freedom now, so stop living in the shadow of your past. He has made all things new. Keep moving forward, focusing on Jesus all the way.

The Liberating King says you are free!


When you let go of the past, something better comes along.

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8 – 14th

Emotional Wounds
God asks His people, ‘Why do you cry out over your wound, your pain that has no cure?’ Then He answers, ‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds’ Jeremiah 30:15 NLT
If there’s anything more insidious than the rage, frustration and other negative things that come out of us and wreck our relationships, it’s the inner source from which they originate.
Emotional wounds from the past are pretty similar to physical wounds. They heal and then scar over. They leave a mark, but they never hurt again. Except that if you don’t treat them properly they’ll just keep on causing problems. They might re-open, or even get worse.
Festering wounds from past relationships are dangerous wounds. You say, ‘But you don’t know how badly this person hurt me’.
The point is they’re still hurting you, so how can you cleanse and heal the wound?
God’s way is to tell it like it is! He doesn’t put a bandage on an infected wound – He demands that the problem is dealt with.
We need to understand that He’s willing to repair the broken places in our lives; all He requires of us is to expose where those places are. Only Jesus can walk us through the barrier of time and into our wounded past.
Certainly one of the most important steps to healing is to forgive from the heart – to acknowledge the wound and the anger, and then let it go. And it can be tough to do, but there can be no freedom or healing without forgiveness.
Bitterness will eat you alive if you don’t forgive. It’ll wreak havoc on your present-day relationships.
God will give you the grace to forgive and let it go, but you must make the choice to be cleansed of resentment by forgiving the offender. There is no other way to peace and freedom.

Healing and letting go of your past takes effort and a willingness to be uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely worth it. Every time you resolve one of these issues, it’s like letting go of a suitcase full of rocks.

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15 – 21st


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 

To infuse courage into your beliefs, declare these truths over yourself today:

  • I don’t have to wait for permission, God is calling me to step out and speak up.
  • I have what it takes
  • I am brave and I dare to make bold decisions
  • I was created to take risks in faith. High stakes don’t scare me.
  • I have been prepared to take on what’s in front of me
  • I am royal and powerful
  • God’s timing is perfect; I’m never too early or too late.
  • I am highly favoured and divinely protected
  • The time is now
  • I was chosen for such a time as this.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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22 – 28th

True Happiness

But the godly are happy; they rejoice before God and are overcome with joy

Psalm 68:3

I want you to take a few minutes to answer this question…

What makes you happy and why?

The world tells us what is supposed to make us happy. We see it every day on social media!! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. We discuss the latest things with our friends and family and whenever we fall short of these things we become sad. But what we fail to understand is that most things of this world we think will make us happy are often just distractions that lead us away from true, lasting happiness; a relationship with Jesus.

True happiness comes from within – not from the stuff or the circumstances in our lives. True happiness is only found in Jesus Christ. Nothing gives you an everlasting joy and happiness like Jesus Christ. Many people try to substitute Christ for other things to make them happy but like you know this only lasts for a moment.

When we know, I mean to know Jesus then we must know how much we are loved, protected, and cared for and no matter what is happening around us we are covered.

Jesus gives happiness that cannot be lost or taken away from us when we truly love and trust Him. This is holiness before God.

True happiness is living His way of life.


“There is only one place to look for true happiness—from the God who created us! The Bible was written to reveal an entire way of life designed to bring peace of mind and happiness.”

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29 – 4th November

God Speaks, Will You Listen?

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening…

1 Samuel 3:9 NIV

He is always speaking to us. All around, within, behind, and through us, God is speaking.

We are so quick to jump in and interrupt our own lives. Add to the lists, pile on more work, more jobs, more stuff, more things to do…

And in the background, God speaks…

It’s like going to the beach, putting earphones in and listening to AC/DC as you walk up and down the soft white sand with the warm sun beating down on you and the waves caressing your feet. What you hear doesn’t correlate with where you are, what you’re seeing, and you’re feeling. This opens up a dissonance between experience and intuition, our “sixth sense” as you will… knowing that there is something more here, but not being able to put our finger on it. So we turn up the music, change the song or band to try and tune into that distant rumble we think we can hear or should be able to hear… things we want to hear with all our being.

A lot of the time, life for me is taking out the earplugs. Not changing the song. Not adjusting the volume on my smartphone. But taking the earplugs out. Adjust my focus, tuning my ear. Busyness, chores, the must do’s, the bills, the not enough… even the hopes and dreams, the success of today and plans for tomorrow can distract my naked ear from hearing that voice, the call… the Divine whispering, speaking, shouting himself into my life.

He speaks through His creation.

The sky, the trees, the moon and stars, the ocean and the cold hard dirt all bear witness to the glory of God. They’ve been woven into his story from the beginning. God is in and through it all… Every sight you see in creation, every lick of wind you hear, carries with it a testimony of God’s presence. Listen for it. Still yourself. Take the earplugs of your crazy-busy life out and listen.

Don’t listen to reply. Don’t listen in order to explain or complain or ask or beg… just listen.

When you feel that distant call, the sound you can hear even just a little through the muck and mess and glory of life, take the “earplugs” out; disconnect from the rat race to connect to the Divine. Take some time, get up, adjust, lean in…

“Speak Lord, we’re listening…”

Listen with your life.

Excerpted from Pocket Fuel; written by Lizzy Milani


“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Stephen R. Covey

I hope you have been blessed!

I pray this Word – this Seed falls on the good soil and May The Lord answer your heart cry today, Amen!